【Official】Himeyado Hanakazashi

A playful inn that was born on the peach festival.

Enjoy a luxurious trip with the hospitality of a ryokan.
You can relax in Gamagori's famous hot spring "Bihakusen" and enjoy the "Four Seasons Creative Kaiseki Cuisine course".
Relax and unwind without hesitation.
Enjoy your trip to your heart's content.

Female first inn

  • Prioritize women, I like it.A female-first inn with your girlfriend or wife

    From September 1, 2023
    The women-only inn "Himeyado Hanakazashi" is now available to men as well.
    From women who have used"I wanted to come with my husband... ”
    We have received many requests for a male companion, such as, ``I wanted to bring my boyfriend too...''
    In response to such a large number of requests, we will not compromise the policy of `` Himeyado Hanakazashi'' as an inn for women, and we will accept men to accompany us. I did.
    From now on, we will become an inn that welcomes the companions of gentlemen who can make ladies the main characters.

Facility information

  • Front desk

    Forget everyday life... Healing time.
    We will support a wonderful trip with the hospitality of a ryokan!
  • Lobby

    A bright and open lobby with cute pop colors.
    Tea time while looking at the sea is a blissful time.
  • Himeyado TEA STAND

    We always have tea leaves such as herbs, flavors, and rooibos from the world's tea specialty store "Lupicia".
    Non-caffeine is also substantial.
    Grind coffee in a mill and enjoy freshly ground coffee.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Himeyado Hanakazashi


17-1 Oyama, Nishiura-cho, Gamagori-shi, Aichi

Telephone number



30 minutes from Tomei Expressway"Otowa-Gamagori IC" / JR Tokaido Line"Gamagori" to Meitetsu Gamagori Line Line "Nishiura"(Free shuttle to Nishiura Station)

【Shuttle service available】
・If you arrive at Meitetsu Nishiura Station between 14:20 and 16:20, please take the "Nishiura Onsen Association" bus that stops in front of the station.(Free)
・If you are arriving by train other than the above, please let us know your arrival time.I will pick you up.(Until 18:00)
・On your way back, we will pick you up at Meitetsu Nishiura Station at any time.(Free)
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Recommended☆Overnight Stay Plan

  • 【Deluxe Plan】Japanese modern room and various creative kaiseki cuisine for each season

    plan for using Hanakazashi's "Junior Suite Room."
    All of the modern Japanese rooms have an ocean view, which is a collaboration of the taste of a relaxing Japanese-style room and the ease of use of a Western-style room.

    For dinner, we offer ``seasonal special creative kaiseki cuisine.''
    In addition to fresh seafood and Wagyu beef, we incorporate plenty of seasonal vegetables to create an eye-catching kaiseki course.
  • 【Standard Plan】Modern Japanese standard room and seasonal creative Kaiseki cuisine

    The room is a modern Japanese room that combines the taste of a relaxing Japanese-style room with the ease of use of a Western-style room.

    For dinner, we serve creative seasonal kaiseki cuisine.
    We prepare a kaiseki course by reducing the number of items and using carefully selected seasonal ingredients.
    *Meals can be upgraded upon request.

Recommended plan for the season!

  • <Valentine's Day☆White Day>Adult cute Hanakazashi cake de time for two

    This is Hanakazashi first "Valentine's Day" and "White Day"plan.
    We will prepare popular original cakes in mini versions for "Valentine's Day" and "White Day."

    ☆plan benefits☆
    Benefits part 1
     "valentine's day","White Day" version with mini cake
    Benefit part 2
      Sparkling wine (half) prepared in the room
    Bonus part 3
     Dress-up photo studio service Transform yourself into a princess or prince by wearing a dress, tuxedo, or uchikake!
     *It is available from 15:00 to 17:00.
  • <Graduation trip/Entrance celebration>Make another memory at Anniversary Inn

    Why not spend your special day, a turning point in your life, at `` Anniversary Inn Hanakazashi''?
    Create another wonderful memory with your family and friends.
    This is a ``female-first'' inn that offers relaxation and peace of mind.This is a ``female first'' inn.

    ☆plan benefits☆
    A little gift from `` Hanakazashi'' to celebrate.
    (Enjoy the content on the day! )
  • <・Mother's Day ·>Wonderful production ~ To a woman-first inn ~ A healing journey of gratitude ~ 

    Thank you, Mom, for everything.
    Give the gift of a healing trip to show your gratitude!
    Why not make Mother's Day trip one of your most important anniversaries?
    Please spend wonderful parent-child time at "Hanakazashi".

☆Great Value Plan☆

  • Weekdays only, Aichi ski trip◇Let's go to your favorite place when you have free time!

    ◆Aichi Suki Travel Campaign Participation plan◆
    Traveling on weekends and consecutive holidays tends to be crowded and traffic jams, and the price tends to be high.
    Enjoy your trip when you are free and avoid the busy period.

    ◎Use on weekdays = cheaper fares and accommodation fees
    ◎Use on weekdays = less likely to get stuck in traffic jams
    ◎Use on weekdays = Less crowded and more relaxing time
    ◎Use on weekdays = easier to make reservations


If you have any questions, please contact us.