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  • 【Important】Regarding allergies

    Dinner at "Himeyado Hanakazasi". "Creative seasonal kaiseki cuisine”
    Chief Chef Yasunari Honda prepares a kaiseki course meal using carefullContinue reading
  • 【Important】About Meitetsu Gamagori Line"Nishiura Station" Shuttle Bus

    There is a free shuttle service to Nishiura Station on Meitetsu Gamagori Line.
    If you arrive at Nishiura Station from 14:20 to 16:20, pleaseContinue reading
  • 【Important】About the usage time of Himeyado photo studio

    The "Himeyado photo studio", which was closed due to the spread of Novel Coronavirus infection, has resumed.
    To those who hContinue reading
  • Women-only inn, men can't stay?

    I am very sorry.
    Until August 31, 2023, we do not accept any male guests.
    From September 1st, it will be reborn as a women-first inn, and meContinue reading
  • I would like to enjoy traveling alone

    One person is also very welcome.
    Enjoy castle tours, storehouse tours, and sightseeing in Aichi with the mobility of one person.
    The room isContinue reading
  • Do you have a convenience store?

    Because it is a rural town by the sea, it is not within walking distance.
    There is a 24-hour convenience store about 10 minutes by car (50 mContinue reading
  • About use with children

    We do not accept children under the age of 12.
    Infants and infants sleeping together are also allowed.
  • Where is Nishiura Onsen?

    It is located in the middle of Aichi Prefecture, at the tip of the small cape "Nishiura Peninsula" that protrudes into Mikawa Bay.
    It may beContinue reading


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